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Pencil Pixels develops Photoshop Actions and Scripts and now Scripts for Elements. These effects emulate painting techniques, pencil sketching, stylized cartoon effects and numerous other art media transformations.

PencilPixels Paint Effect PencilPixels Pencil Drawing Effect PencilPixels Comic Effect

PencilPixels Caricature Effect PencilPixels Grunge Effect PencilPixels Watercolor Effect

The Pencil Pixels website has hundreds of Font and Shape Styles, all for free.  There are Frame styles, Shape styles, standard Glassy and Metallic styles, as well as very unique, one of a kind Specialty styles. All for free.  24 Frame styles - over 100 free Font and Shape styles - 10 Specialty Style Sets

PencilPixels Free Frames PencilPixels Free Layer Style Effects PencilPixels Free Layer Style Effects

PencilPixels Free Font Style Effects
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Developing actions and scripted image manipulations since 2004